Web Development
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Why Robert Kostin?

Here are key points to remember when considering to work with me on your website project.

Business Guildelines

I won't code you into a corner

Web technologies come and go (mostly come!), so I only use open source frameworks that allow us to build and add-on new technologies without committing ourselves to a closed system which would lock us out of the newest/best developments.

My websites are "plain" HTML5 and CSS3 with some JavaScript and PHP scripting, running on an Apache server in a Linux environment. These are all open technologies that the web is built on. Nothing proprietary here.

The Content Management System (CMS) I recommend for my clients to update their own websites is a hosted (cloud) type of system that we can use without commitment. If the CMS hosting company goes out of business, we lose nothing. I can switch us over to another hosted CMS within minutes.

You maintain total flexibility and control

I follow strict standards as defined by the W3C Consortium (the people who define HTMLstandards) which means I can literally burn your entire website to a CD-ROM, and you can hire any other trained web developer who also follows W3C standards, and they'll be able to re-host your website and pick-up exactly where I left off.

If or when your needs out-grow my capacity or skills, you won't loose anything you invested with me. (Unless you hire a web development firm that uses a closed system.) My websites are clean and "standard."

I'm easy to reach and very focused on you

I'm a sole practitioner -- an individual -- not a company. There's a great benefit in that: I only work with a few customers at a time so I don't over-extend myself.

I have a list of references that would be happy to confirm my level of service. Just ask.

If your needs out-grow my capabilities, I'm happy to help transfer your website to a larger firm at any time.

Standard Features in Every Website

I'm a stickler for clean, open-source code that will give you the following benefits.


I can build you a Content Management Systems (CMS) that allows you to manage and update the content in your website, whenever you want.


No matter what web browser your customers use to visit your website, I ensure that their experience makes sense for the device they're using. My websites meet all web standards from the W3C (the folks who define HTML standards) and they're as "future compatible" as possible.


I've developed a high process capability using good development practices which means I'm able to work fast and efficiently. I don't have to re-invent the wheel each time we start a new project so if you have a deadline, chances are, I can meet or beat it.


Quality control is an imperative for your customers when they visit your website. Every website I launch goes through an extensive QA process to catch broken links, typos, and anything else that would reflect badly on you, before the website goes live.


The ability to manage your content across multiple webpages and still be flexible enough to meet changing requirements is a process of building a solid architecture that anticipates needs. When we build a website, I make sure we don't code ourselves into a corner. By selecting a good architecture from the start, I will keep your options open so we can manage new requirements as we discover them.


Part of quality control, is the appearance of your website that stays sharp and professional-looking, from webpage to webpage. Each website I build makes use of a solid Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) strategy that makes sense for your website and its unique look and feel. As we expand the site, or you make new content additions, the styles will stay consistent and professional-looking as the day we launched it.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a specialty of mine and, although no one can guarantee specific results, I can guarantee that websites that I build are search engine friendly and competitively strong.